What Is PQC?

Pharmacy Quality Commitment (PQC™) is a continuous quality improvement program that helps you comply with quality assurance requirements found in network contracts, Medicare Part D, and state regulations.  Part of the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety, which is a federally listed patient safety organization, PQC™ offers strong federal protection and confidentiality for your patient safety data and quality improvement work.
We help you:

  • Establish a quality-conscious workflow
  • Encourage adoption of a fair and positive-based safety culture
  • Identify, collect, and report Quality Related  Events (medication errors that reach the patient and “near misses” and unsafe conditions)
  • Analyze your QREs to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Improve workflow to decrease harmful QREs

We offer flexible and powerful tools, ongoing training and support to keep your pharmacy running efficiently, and most importantly a way to keep your patients safe.

PQC is brought to you by your State Pharmacy Association.

What is a Patient Safety Organization?

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a landmark report entitled, "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System," which highlighted critical areas of research and activities needed to improve the safety and quality of health care delivery. One critical area of the IOM report addressed the reporting and analysis of data on adverse events.
The IOM report and its findings spotlighted a serious need to capture information that would help to improve quality and reduce harm to patients. Addressing this need, Congress passed The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (Patient Safety Act). To read the Patient Safety Act, go to http://www.pso.ahrq.gov/statute/pl109-41.htm

The Patient Safety Act was passed to create a culture of safety in the practice of healthcare, including in pharmacy practice.  It provided the framework for the creation of Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) in order to improve quality and safety through the collection and analysis of data on patient events. The creation of PSOs addressed the challenge that prevented many healthcare providers from reporting – fear of exposure and liability. By providing both privilege and confidentiality for reported data PSOs create a secure environment where clinicians and health care organizations can collect, aggregate, and analyze data, thereby improving quality by identifying and reducing the risks and hazards associated with patient care.

PQC is program of the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety™ ~ a federally listed PSO

Pharmacies that license the PQC™ program are provided federal legal protection to information that is reported to us – the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS), a federally listed PSO. PQC™ clients will also receive recommendations on best practices and workflow processes to help reduce medication errors, improve medication use and enhance patient safety and health outcomes. Pharmacies can promote the fact that they participate with a PSO so their patients know their pharmacy aims to be among the safest in the nation.